How to Say Hello and Thank You in Different Languages?

Thank You in Different LanguagesHow to say thank you - Wordle

Why do we have different languages?

Different languages were created over a lengthy period of time due to different colonies separating and cultures gradually morphing. Each colony made its own way of communicating – often more individual than the others – to show pride and uniqueness in their own people.

For instance, when referring to Germanic languages and how they made their way to England, we see how the language changed constantly due to environmental factors. The Saxons, speakers of Saxon, a Germanic language, were invaded by the Normans who introduced Norman French to the language of Saxon. The Vikings also had an effect in the north of England as they spoke Norse as well as the Romans, who invaded some time before and introduced Latin, thus the English language we speak today was born and it will continue to forever change.

Dialects also cause the language to change. As mentioned above, some colonies of people wished for their language to be unique and individual from another. The language of Swiss-German is a good example when comparing it to German. Although, some time ago, these were the same people, they purposely created a language – which did have some environmental effects due to bordering with France and Italy – in order to appear different from the common Germanic man. (more here :

How to Say Thank You?

Language Thank you Pronunciation
Afrikaans dankie dahn-kee
Arabic shukran shoe-krahn
Australian English ta (informal)
Chinese, Cantonese do jeh daw-dyeh
Chinese, Mandarin xie xie syeh-syeh
Czech dêkuji deh-ku-yih
Danish tak tahg
Finnish kiitos kee-toas
French merci mehr-see
German danke dahn-kah
Greek efharisto ef-har-rih-stowe
Hebrew toda toh-dah
Hindi, Hindustani sukria shoo-kree-a
Indonesian/Malayan terima kasih t’ree-ma kas-seh
Italian grazie gra-see
Japanese arigato ahree-gah-tow
Korean kamsa hamnida kahm-sah=ham-nee-da
Norwegian takk tahk
Philippines (Tagalog) salamat po sah-lah-maht poh
Polish dziekuje dsyen-koo-yeh
Portuguese obrigado oh-bree-gah-doh
Russian spasibo spah-see-boh
Spanish gracias gra-see-us
Sri Lanka (Sinhak) istutiy isst-too-tee
Swahili asante ah-sahn-teh
Swedish tack tahkk
Thai kawp-kun krap/ka’ kowpkoom-krahp/khak
Turkish tesekkür ederim teh-sheh-kur=eh-deh-rim

How to Say Hello?

How to Say Hello?

Mirëdita – Say Hello to your  Albanian friends

Ahalan – Say Hello to your  Arabic speaking friends

Parev – Say Hello to your  Armenian friends

Zdravei / Zdrasti – Say Hello to your  Bulgarian friends

Nei Ho – Say Hello to your  Cantonese speaking Chinese friends

Dobrý den / Ahoj – Say Hello to your  Czech friends

Goddag – Say Hello to your  Danish friends

Goede dag, Hallo – Say Hello to your  Dutch friends

Hello – Say Hello to your  English friends

Saluton – Say Hello to your  Esperanto speaking friends

Hei – Say Hello to your  Finnish friends

Bonjour – Say Hello to your  French friends

Guten Tag – Say Hello to your  German friends

Gia’sou – Say Hello to your  Greek friends

Aloha – Say Hello to your  Hawaiian friends

Shalom – Say Hello to your  Hebrew speaking friends

Namaste – Say Hello to your  Hindi speaking friends

Jó napot – Say Hello to your  Hungarian friends

Halló / Góðan daginn – Say Hello to your  Icelandic friends

Halo – Say Hello to your  Indonesian friends

Aksunai / Qanuipit? – Say Hello to your  Inuit friends

Dia dhuit – Say Hello to your  Irish friends

Salve / Ciao – Say Hello to your  Italian friends

Kon-nichiwa – Say Hello to your  Japanese friends

An-nyong Ha-se-yo – Say Hello to your  Korean friends

Salve / Salvëte – Say Hello to your  Latin speaking ancient Roman friends

Ni hao – Say Hello to your  Mandarin speaking Chinese friends

Hallo – Say Hello to your  Norwegian friends

Dzien’ dobry – Say Hello to your  Polish friends

Olá – Say Hello to your  Portuguese friends

Bunã ziua – Say Hello to your  Romanian friends

Zdravstvuyte – Say Hello to your  Russian friends

Hola – Say Hello to your  Spanish speaking friends

Jambo / Hujambo – Say Hello to your  Swahili friends

Hej – Say Hello to your  Swedish friends

Sa-wat-dee – Say Hello to your  Thai friends

Merhaba / Selam – Say Hello to your  Turkish friends

Vitayu – Say Hello to your  Ukrainian friends

Xin chào – Say Hello to your  Vietnamese friends

Hylo; Sut Mae? – Say Hello to your  Welsh friends

Sholem Aleychem – Say Hello to your  Yiddish speaking friends

Sawubona – Say Hello to your  Zulu speaking friends

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