What is Preview Before Visit (PBV)?

What is “Preview Before Visit” (PBV) features>
How create a “Preview Before Visit” for your website?

Good site map important not only for search engine but also for site visitors. Sitemap improve site navigation and help visitors find relevant page on your websites.
To improve navigation structure and usability of http://www.WCNY.org I created “Preview Before Visit” for WCNY’s

Now site visitor able to preview and read more information before click on the link and visit page. Since most of the WCNY’s pages visually attractive and include variety of features “Preview Before Visit” in most cases works as ‘call for the auction’.
Very good  articles about site map for your web site:
Types of Sitemap.
What is Preview Before Visit (PBV)?
How create a “Preview Before Visit” feature?
How to create a“Mouse Over screenshot viewer”?

For more on ‘sitemap good practice’ and to find our ‘How to create Site Map and Preview Before Visit (PBV)?’ click here


One comment on “What is Preview Before Visit (PBV)?

  1. It is very good idea to add page preview to the site map. Simple but very useful.

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